ASF’s School-to-Career Transition Initiative expands to all Asher Houses!

Exciting news! In addition to serving students, we are expanding our housing services to include recent college/university graduates who are working out their post-graduate life and career paths. In May, we successfully piloted the School-to-Career Transition Initiative (CTI) at Asher House, Washington DC. And so, beginning September 1st, we will expand the program to include all Asher Houses.

Gratitude from a spring 2016 CTI resident at Asher House, Washington, DC:

“[Asher House, DC] was an incredible provision for me as I transitioned from a graduate degree program in another city to a new non-profit job in DC. To be able to stay at the Asher House enabled me to get my feet under me, met a pressing need, and provided me with a sense of home and fellowship that meant a great deal. Frankly, staying at Asher made all the difference – spiritually, financially, and logistically.

I think of Asher fondly when I recall Mary Baker Eddy’s sentiment that ‘Home is the dearest spot on earth.’ So, too, Asher is the ‘center, but not the boundary’ of Christian affection for the community. I saw friends, family, guests, and other Christian Scientists gather there often. In turn, these individuals went about their work blessing the world.”

To read the full testimonial or for more information on the CTI program, click here.