Asher House, East Lansing – Notice of House Sale/ Invitation to Join Asher in the Community

Dear Friends,

It has been a year of expanding thought and action at Asher Student Foundation (ASF), and as alumni and friends, you are an invaluable part of ASF’s unfolding progress – especially now. I am writing to let you know about a decision the ASF trustees made this fall—to sell Asher House, East Lansing.

For several years now, the trustees and staff have been working diligently to evaluate the purpose of the housing venues Asher owns or supports. A significant part of this process has been a thoughtful, prayerful and thorough evaluation of Asher’s current resources and the Board’s stewardship of them—both donations and houses. This includes an honest evaluation of the financial resources invested in any of our houses, but especially an under-utilized house:  Would funds be better used in other ways, such as supporting a capital project like Asher Cottage or leasing a house in a city where there is a known Christian Science student population? The trustees and staff came to the conclusion that selling Asher House, East Lansing was the right next step.

And so, in early December, Asher House, East Lansing was sold. This was not an easy step to take, but it opens the door to new possibilities for a new Asher House arrangement in a location where ASF can more effectively serve the Movement. And for that opportunity, we can all be so grateful.

It also opens the door for Asher to have a presence in a community that isn’t linked to a physical Asher House, and Asher, East Lansing will lead the way. Asher alumni in East Lansing have talked about organizing Asher in Action service activities, hosting an annual picnic, holding small dessert gatherings, creating a Michigan alumni newsletter, coming together around MSU sporting events, hosting a movie or game night – the possibilities are endless!  Please be in touch if you would like to be part of this “Asher in the Community” initiative.

We cherish every Asher House and its rich legacy of home, service, and support of Christian Science. And we hugely appreciate your support. ASF is, indeed, expanding its outreach and deepening its legacy with every step forward. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

With sincere gratitude,

Sherry Squire Mitchell
Executive Director